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Voice of Victory Church


Our mission is to take a group of people and disciple them intensely in the Word of God, teach them an uncommon faith and help them stand victoriously in life.
You will see these threads throughout our church services, classes, groups and relationships. This also impacts our core values at Voice of Victory.


We put the Word of God first place. We live by faith. We walk in love
We pray about everything
We honor God and are led by the Holy Spirit.
We hope you will be a guest at one of our services and see if Voice of Victory is “home” for you and your family.

Voice of Victory Church (VOVC) is the church arm of Canaan Land Ministries and is led by Pastor Sandra Gober. Everyone is welcome to attend and be part of the family. It is the best way to connect with our church family as well as becoming a part of the Canaan Land family. We are a group of people hungry for all God has to offer and are willing for God to do whatever He wants to do in our lives.

We believe the Word of God is the final authority in our life. We are a church desiring to be all God wants us to be. The church leadership is here to help our church family walk into the call of God on their lives and to launch them into their destiny.

Join us for times of anointed worship, prayer, encounters with the Word, and the celebration of Communion. These times together keep us focused on the blood of Jesus Christ and the power of the Covenant with the Father. We invite you to be a guest at one of our services and see if VOVC is “home” for you and your family.

Days and Times of Worship

Sunday 10:30 am – 12:30 pm (no evening service)
Wednesday 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Many times, through the one-year process, we are undoing 10, 20, or 30 years of living completely apart from Jesus. The students receive prayer, worship, and Bible sessions each morning, accompanied by an event each evening to keep their minds centered on Jesus. Evening sessions include: supervised independent study of the Bible or books being read, corporate worship, corporate prayer, or mid-week church service at Voice of Victory Church, pastored by Sandra Gober, founder of Canaan Land Ministries.

Each day consists of one-on-one counseling, direction with affection, class time, and work details. As issues rise to the surface in a student, we target those specific areas with teachings, counseling, or reading assignments. The students are challenged in and through the Word of God with the area of their struggle. We believe the Word of God has an answer for every challenge. When Jesus faced temptation, His continual response was, “it is written…”

Through 40 years of ministry, we have never discovered an issue the Word of God cannot solve. The men that come to Canaan Land need correction in their life, however few have ever experienced loving correction. Truth is important to receive, but if Truth is not given with love and seasoned with grace, it will not be received in the ground of the student’s heart. Our goal is to take God’s Truth, and wisdom from the Holy Spirit, and strategically plant it in a man’s heart.

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