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The Process

The Process

The Launch

The launch is about a decision that all history makers make before greatness. They make a decision to launch out, to go after their dreams, and accomplish their goals. As long as a person has air in their lungs, they can pursue their dreams and receive a miracle.

The first step in launching into your Canaan Land journey is setting up a phone interview with the director. The phone interview is the most important part of the process. Only the person wanting help can call and set up the phone interview. The one exception to this rule is if a person is incarcerated. In such a situation, a family member can call and ask to set up a phone interview on their behalf.

Should a person be accepted into Canaan Land, the director will give them an access code for the application at the bottom of this page. They will then fill out the application and email it to the office. Also located at the bottom of this page is a link to the student handbook which will include pertinent information on what to bring with you during your stay.

The Journey

The Journey at Canaan Land is a process of healing from the inside out. Until the inside of a person is changed and healed, nothing else will change in their life. We believe that only Jesus Christ can heal the broken-hearted and set the captive free. The journey at Canaan Land is amazing and can be an extremely fulfilling experience if the student allows it.

Canaan Land believes in a one-step process of renewing the mind. A person must change the way they think if they want to change the course of their life. At Canaan Land, we do not allow the students to talk about their past, but we encourage them to put it under the blood and leave it there. If God chooses to instantly forgive us of the past, we are not going to remind the men of their past. We choose to remind the men of their future and that they are the righteousness of God.

During the Journey, we also make sure to keep our home clean. A student may have the responsibility of washing dishes, doing laundry, lawn care, cleaning offices, or anything that contributes to a home of excellence. We also make sure to have fun fellowshipping with one-another while centering everything we do around our Savior, Jesus Christ who has saved, redeemed, and restored us.

We stay productive with prayer, worship, and Bible study. We also have special meetings and guest speakers that visit to minister to the students. We believe in the wholeness of healing body, soul, and Spirit and have seen huge transformation and change take place where men become completely free!

The Reward

The Reward of finishing is amazing. It is the celebration of a job well done and a milestone for all who achieve this point. We have seen tremendous graduations where families pour their heart out concerning the change they see in their loved one.

Pastor Sandra Gober begins each graduation with an anointed word to leave the graduating student this is then followed by encouraging words from other staff who have poured into the life of the student. The student is then presented with a Certificate of Completion along with several books to begin their library. This is followed by the director sharing a word with the graduate of the transformation he has seen from the initial phone interview until graduation. The family is then given the opportunity to share the change they have seen in their loved one. A video of the student’s journey over the past year is then played. The before and after pictures are amazing!

Each graduate is presented with a “challenge coin” (You can read about the challenge coin at the link below) and an opportunity for the “Ringing of the Bell”. Ringing the bell is an honor given to each graduate. Canaan Land has been described as the Navy Seals of Christianity. This is due to the fact that it is not an easy process to complete and it is a journey of dying to one’s self. When training to become a Navy Seal, if a soldier has had enough, he must ring the brass bell 3 times to indicate quitting and then he returns to the regular branch of the Navy. The ringing of the bell at BUD/S training is a sign of defeat. Those who graduate BUD/S training are usually the soldiers with a deep sense of purpose for being there. Likewise, the only people who get to ring the Canaan Land bell are those who never lose sight of their purpose for being there and finish the journey well. They ring the bell as a sign of victory and celebration.

The final act of graduating is the laying on of hands by the Canaan Land ministry team. The graduate receives an impartation of the anointing and grace for them to LAUNCH into their next journey. Our desire is that no matter what launch and journey they step into after Canaan Land, they will have the same victorious finish and reward.

Step one: Call Canaan Land to leave name and number for initial interview.
Step two: Director will call you to set initial interview day and time.
Step three: Call director at time and day specified to complete initial interview.
Step four: Complete any details that need to be finalized.
Step five: Based on the director’s assessment, you will be notified of final steps.

“Many men that reached out to me for help over the years, have been like a man drowning in the ocean. Out of the goodness of my heart, I threw them a life saver, only to discover they didn’t like the color of the lifesaver I threw them.

Men have come in to the program trying to tell me how to help them, but if they learn to trust the process and the years of experience I have, they can become completely free.”
– Mac Gober

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