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Let Your Past Be Past At Last

Our mission is to help men know their identity in Christ and discover their future. A man without a future will always go back to his past; a man WITH a future, will NEVER go back to his past.

Located in the rolling hills on the outskirts of Montgomery, AL, Canaan Land Ministries is a one-year, intensive Bible Training Center focusing on Bible study, the healing work Jesus did on the cross, work skill development, and daily discipline. By utilizing an atmosphere of love and “Direction with Affection”, CLM provides the opportunity for students to find their identity in Christ, develop new leadership skills, and put into practice the discipline needed to achieve continued success upon graduation.

Our History

Starting in 1981, Mac and Sandra Gober, along with their dedicated staff, have seen God work the miracle of salvation, grace, and changed lives into thousands of families all over North America and various parts of the globe. CLM is designed especially for men 18 years of age and older, who have struggled with some type of life controlling issue. Many, having tried various types of “rehab” without success, actually need what only a place like Canaan Land can provide.

CLM began when Bro Mac Gober brought one young man home who was needing help. Others in need of help soon followed, including one older biker who showed up on Sandra Gober’s doorstep while her husband Mac was away. This led to a ministry that has spanned 40 years. Since 1981, CLM has had ministry centers on 3 continents, in 4 countries, and has either opened or inspired centers in 4 states within the continental USA.

Bro. Mac went to be with the Lord in 2014. From that time, until now, Pastor Sandra Gober and Caleb, their oldest son, continue to carry the vision of seeing men walk into freedom. Since the beginning, CLM has helped thousands of men heal broken lives and mend torn families.

With a focus on developing mature men, CLM utilizes Bible study, prayer, counseling, and daily work assignments to “produce a strong follower of Jesus, who is able to stand on their own and attack the kingdom of darkness”.

Throughout the course of this one year Bible training center, students will learn the knowledge and relational skills necessary to rebuild broken lives and pursue the life God designed for them.

As students begin to understand that God is truly FOR them and not out “to get” them, they begin to “move from the milk to the meat of the Word”. Many students, having tried everything else without finding freedom, need what only a place like Canaan Land can provide.

Through structured learning and diligent oversight from a caring staff, the students lovingly receive “Direction with Affection”. With the help of partnerships with churches, businesses, and individuals like you, CLM has been able to provide this one year long Bible training course free of charge from its beginning.

As we look to the future, God has given us the mandate to have a Canaan Land Bible Training Center in every state and territory of the USA.

While we have had the privilege of seeing thousands of lives changed through the power of the Gospel, millions more are afflicted with life controlling issues. It is our vision from the Lord to see lives changed forever and with you, “Together we carry the vision.”


Bro. Mac Gober: Founder

Mac Gober grew up with an unholy appetite for violence and brutality. After a stormy adolescence, his unhappy family life drove him to military service in the jungles of Viet Nam where he honed his skills in the fine arts of karate and getting stoned.

When Mac returned home, he left the war behind, but it wouldn’t leave him.mac_vietnam
Horrifying flashbacks of screaming, dying voices and staccato gunfire poisoned Mac’s days and haunted his nights.

Only an outlaw motorcycle gang provided enough camaraderie, cruelty and craziness to give Mac a sense of belonging. A craving for the “adrenaline high” of the brutal biker lifestyle sent him roaring across America, leaving a trail of bruised, broken victims behind.

Finally, his body reeking, his mind fried, his emotions twisted by paranoia and rage, Mac was headed for certain death. But then he had an encounter with another dying man. This One was hanging on a cross. And He loved Mac Gober – just the way he was.

This encounter changed Mac forever…

Canaan Land Ministries

We are all about changing lives. Since 1981, Mac and Sandra, along with their dedicated staff, have been seeing God work the miracle of salvation and grace in thousands of lives all over North America and a number of foreign countries. Please allow us to give you a brief overview of the ministry here at Canaan Land.

Designed especially for men 17 & older who have had some kind of life controlling problems. Many having tried everything else without success and need what only a place like Canaan Land is able to provide. We bring the men to our facility just outside Montgomery, Alabama for one year of intensive Bible training, work skill development and daily discipline. This is all accomplished in an atmosphere of love. We call it, “Direction with Affection.”
Canaan Land Bible Training Center is free of charge to the students and their families. We are funded strictly by the donations of partners and friends.

Each year Mac rode with the Tribe of Judah Motorcycle Ministry ministering to thousands of outlaw bikers in such places as Sturgis, South Dakota; Daytona Beach, Florida; Gulfport, Mississippi; and others. Mac also ministered the Word at churches, leadership meetings, banquets, and schools, FGBMI and by television. Check our meetings page for a location near you.
There are a number of Mac’s messages on CD & DVD. His book “Unchained”, and other items available for purchase online or by calling our office. 
We have Founded a Canaan Land Bible Training Center in Mapleton, Australia. They are carrying the vision of reaching troubled young people with the Word of God in that part of the world.

So you can see, when one joins with Canaan Land Ministries as a Covenant Partner, they are literally touching thousands of lives with the message of our Lord Jesus Christ. We want to personally invite you to become a Covenant Partner. A Covenant Partner prays for the ministry here at Canaan Land and supports us financially as the Spirit of God directs. We understand partnership and believe for a one hundred-fold return for all our partners.


Caleb and Sandra, along with the Staff and Students pray for our Partner Family everyday. If you have a request, please write or call so we can stand in agreement with you. Our motto for many years has been “Together, We Carry the Load.”

If you ever come to Alabama we’d be honored for you to stop by and visit Canaan Land. Please call and let us know you’re coming. We love you and look forward to meeting you personally.

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