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The Launch

The Launch is the decision every history maker makes right before greatness. You could say … the most important decision of their life. According to many, the fear of the launch is the most challenging part of the journey. Fear keeps us stuck in the now; while courage launches us into discovering the freedom of the journey. We encourage you now; be a history maker. Join the elite with your own quality decision.

The Journey

The journey follows the decision to launch into the unknown. The unknown is scary because you never know what unexpected challenges await. It takes courage to launch, courage in the midst of a journey, and courage to complete the journey. A journey is about discovery and Canaan Land is a journey in self-discovery. Whether we realize it or not, there is greatness on the inside of all of us. Our identity does not have to be rooted in shame and guilt. So come, take the journey with us. There is freedom in the journey and hope for your future.

The Reward

Whether in sports or life, there is significance in completing a goal and receiving a reward. Many people push past the desire to not work out and feel completely rewarded at the end of the training. They push past their feelings and, in return, there is a feeling of accomplishment. Whatever you may be feeling at the current moment the reward of reaching the finish line at Canaan Land is well worth the pushing aside of temporary feelings. For many Canaan Land graduates, finishing the program is the first-time they have completed anything. Should you accept the launch and the journey; our hope is that you finish, and finish well

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