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clm_building1In 1981, Canaan Land Ministries was founded by Mac Gober, a former motorcycle hoodlum. Since then, Mac has helped hundreds of young men turn otherwise lost and broken lives into productive and fruitful lives.

Canaan Land is a non-profit, interdenominational Bible Training Center. Men 18 years and older can apply to become students in the one-year program.
Much of Canaan Land’s success is due to the staffs commitment to love and care for the students, providing "Direction With Affection." The home offers a well-rounded activity schedule that includes Bible study, prayer, counseling and daily work responsibilities.  

Students watch videos or listen to tapes, which motivate them in the right direction. They have ample time for letter writing, fishing, canoeing, weight lifting, volleyball, basketball, special field trips and outings, reading and much more. Those who never graduated from high school can study to earn their G.E.D.

The entire program is totally free to the students and his family. The only responsibility the men have for one year is to get their life straightened out!

Graduates have a healthy and balanced outlook on life. They have the tools to start, develop or rekindle relationships in a healthy and respectful manner. They have a firm belief in God and the power of Jesus to direct their lives. For the first time in their lives, many believe in and accept themselves.